RTO upgrade sees significant benefits

A project this year to upgrade an existing RTO has been successfully completed in four areas:

1 – Increasing thermal efficiency by adding additional layers of ceramic honeycomb media into the RTO this has the benefits of energy reduction from lower gas consumption both during production & on standby.
2- De-commissioning an old inefficient recuperative oxidiser which was attached to a single process stream and contained a low thermal effectiveness thermal efficiency heat recovery unit
3 Redirecting & relocating ductwork to take the process stream away from the old oxidiser and introduce it into the existing RTO
4- Add individual bypass stacks to each process to allow continuity & control of the production processes. Thereby optimising energy consumption & increasing safe management of overall process

The project took a number of months planning and a two week installation slot during plant summer shutdown. The above was successfully completed and the modiifed control system commuicates with the all new & redirected processes seamlessly