Burner Service & Upgrade

Burner Service & Upgrade

Our team of engineers include very experienced combustion engineers that can service & maintain any oxidiser burner package including Kromschroder, Eclipse & Maxon to name a few.

We are very proud of our support and strongly believe we are in a unique position because we offer support for your burner needs in the following areas:

1 – Burner Commissioning
2 – Burner Servicing
3 – Burner Troubleshooting
4 – Burner Spares
5 – Burner Upgrades & new packages
6 – Relocation of packages
7 – Mechanical & Electrical Installation

AND MORE Our engineers have full understanding of the equipment the burner operates within whether it be a RTO, Catalytic Oxidiser, Process dryer, hot box or oven. We travel to many sites often worldwide, offer sound advice & support which will give customers peace of mind.