Regenerative Thermal Oxidation Systems

A wide range of industrial processes generates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) as a consequence of using organic compounds as solvents or reactive chemicals.

In addition to causing localised odour problems VOCs are implicated in a wide range of environmentally damaging processes, including the generation of low-level ozone and smog. For this reason legislation has been introduced in many countries setting very low emission limits for VOCs in process exhaust gases.

Air Protekt supplies very efficient Regenerative Thermal Oxidation systems (RTO) that use a technology solution, which has been proven over a number of years to be suitable for the destruction of high levels of VOCs. The RTO system also combines very high thermal efficiencies and while minimising operating costs.

The benefits of the RTO system design include:

  • The capabilities to treat high volumes of exhaust gases;
  • High temperature operation to achieve more than 99 percent VOC destruction efficiency;
  • Very high thermal efficiency (up to 97 percent);
  • Low running costs;
  • Low CO and Nox emissions;
  • A purge system to prevent emissions of untreated VOCs during the valve operating cycle;
  • A burn-out system for removal of organic deposits;
  • Low leakage valves with a soft-seal method of valve sealing;
  • Ceramic honeycomb energy recovery media for low pressure drop;
  • Rapid heat-up from cold;
  • Factory-installed thermal insulation in ceramic fibre blanket for low surface temperatures.v
  • Remotrol system for online diagnostics and PLCsoftware upgrades.
  • Compact design.