Diesel Particulate Filters in the City of London

The catalysed wall flow soot filter was designed and installed in the fourth quarter of 2008 to treat the Particulate Matter (PM), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) & Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the exhaust gases from the outlet of an MTU 12V000G23E emergency generator installed in the basement in the financial district London EC2R.

AirProtekt Catalysed Wallflow Particulate Filter is a system consists of a wall flow filter. The monolith construction comprising of ceramic honeycomb with cells blocked off at alternative ends. Impregnated onto the filter is a catalyst element containing Platinum Group Metals . To pass through the monolith the gas is forced through the channel walls, which retain the contained particulate in the form of soot and allow the gases to pass They are manufactured to prevent leakage of any process exhaust gas. The panels are removable for reversing flow, cleaning & replacing, if required.

The collection of the carbon takes place in the filter cells from start up & continuous running of the engine. As the particulate is deposited on the filter wall the back pressure increases. When the engine exhaust temperature reaches 350-400°C the carbon reacts on the catalyst to form Carbon Dioxide.