Honeycat cleans up VOC emissions from textile coating process

Honeycat® Catalytic Oxidation System

Product Honeycat®,Catalytic Oxidation System
Application Textile,Resin coating
Customer Permali,Ltd
Site Gloucester,UK
Flowrate 15,000,Nm3 hr-1
VOCs Methyl,Cellosolve, Acetone, MEK & IMS
Concentration 0,to 8 gNm-3
Emission,Levels VOCs,50 mg Nm-3 – CO,100 mg Nm-3 – NOx,100 mg Nm-3
Installed,Date March,2008
Comments The skid,mounted unit was delivered, off loaded & position on same day. The,Honeycat® System includes Precious Metal based Oxidation catalyst, Gas fired,burner, gas booster, VFD & heat recovery

The Honeycat Catalytic Oxidiser is designed to handle a range of VOC emissions from many different manufacturing processes. The system is based on low temperature oxidations of a wide range of VOCs in the temperature range 250-350C. The catalyst is a thin walled honeycomb support which is then coated with the active coating to give a very efficient and durable catalyst.

The system is designed to minimize the quantity of energy required and includes a heat exchanger which preheats the incoming process gases prior to entering a combustion chamber. The gases then pass into the catalyst where they are converted carbon dioxide and water vapour after which they exit into the heat exchanger thus preheating the process inlet gases.

The system can be skid mounted and prewired to minimize installation time on site and has a control panel containing all instrumentation and is PLC controlled