Non Selective Catalytic Reduction

AirProtekt supplies either a complete Non Selective Catalytic Reduction (NSCR) package or the NSCR catalyst for control of NOx (including N2O) emissions in reduced oxygen air stream.

The catalytic reaction is based on the reaction between nitrogen oxides and a fuel to give nitrogen and water. The reducing fuel is generally chosen by site availability and price (typically natural gas, light naphtha or hydrogen).

The fuel gas is introduced into the NOx process upstream where it is homogeneously mixed before entering a metal or ceramic honeycomb bed. The honeycomb substrate is impregnated with a special high temperature washcoat and various combinations of precious metals (platinum, palladium and rhodium).

The maximum operating temperature for the reduction of the NOx using AirProtekt’s NSCR solution is 750°C

The benefits of the AirProtekt NSCR process are:

    • NOx is reduced to harmless nitrogen and water vapour;
    • N2O is reduced to harmless nitrogen and water vapour (normal SCR systems cannot deal with this nitrous oxide);

A long catalyst life;

  • A very high NOX removal rate (in excess of 95 percent).