Honeycat Concentrator Systems

The Honeycat ® Concentrator System is an optimium abatement plant suited to low solvent concentration and low particulate manufacturing processes. It has major advantages in low capital investment, low running costs, ease to fit into a customer’s existing process without any optimisation and lends it self to start & stop campaigns as it can be up to operating temeperatures very quickly.

To summarise the exhaust gases from a low VOC process are ducted and pulled through a rotary honeycomb zeolite wheel. The solvent from the process stream are adsorbed onto the hydrophobic zeolite in the honeycomb. The rotor turns continuously transporting the VOC into the regeneration zone. There the VOCs are removed by a small preheated stream. The regenerated zeolite then is rotated back into the process air for further adsorption of VOCs from the process

The air from the regeneration zone of the zeolite wheel is de adsorped ducted through a second fan into The Honeycat ® Catalytic Oxidation System. Here the process exhaust gases then pass through a oxidation catalyst where the VOCs are oxidised to Carbon Dioxide CO2 and water vapour.

From the exit of the catalyst the heat from gases are recovered in the primary air-to-air heat exchanger thus cooling the exit gases before joining the clean main process stream and exiting to stack. During start up and shutdown the system will automatically operate on fresh air.