Secondary Heat Recovery

The exhaust gases from the RTO or Catalytic Oxidiser can contain useful energy in the form of heat at temperatures of 150-250°C at the outlet before exiting to the chimney stack to escape to atmospher. AirProtekt design a secondary heat recovery system where the stream of gases are ducted before the stack through a modulating damper to maintain an warm temperature to factory then pulled through an air to air heat exchanger. The heat energy is transferred through the exchanger into the preheat factory space heating air supply. This air is supplied through a new fan inlet and then forced to the exchanger.

The preheat air stream will delivering considerable amount of kW of heat. The fan will run at a speed to maintain suitable space heating into the building and can be controlled to suit the environment in the work place.

SAVE £££££

The system includes a control panel that is interlinked with the RTO control system to automatically operate on control modulating dampers and fans, monitoring temperature to ensure safe operation and continuity of the customer’s RTO process

In certain applications this preheated air can be directed straight back into pre heating process ovens or dryers improving overall thermal efficiencies and reducing energy bills.